The 21st century solution to defeating vehicle theft is the protection technology of our firm — MyTrue Miles, inc.

We offer our clients a vast array of benefits designed to ensure that even smart theives will not be able to steal your care which will be protected with gps (spell out) technology.  For example:  even if someone uses your keys to steal your car, our firm’s technology will allow you to  track your vehicle .

Here’s how our technology works:

Your vehicle is surrounded by a GPS or a  “geo -fence” that you can activate in seconds, and then the MyTrueMiles smart phone app or the MyTrueMiles website  — will send you a text or an email alert — notifying you that your vehicle has moved beyond the boundaries of the geo-fence.

Because our technology tracks your vehicle’s location, speed and direction in real time on a map, you will be able to report this information to the police (law enforcement agency) once you make this report, all you will need to do then is quickly approve an affidavit that allows the police to access your  account.

This approach provides law enforcement officers to learn the address, (from where the car was stolen) and speed, and direction of your vehicle. In fact, the legal status of your stolen car is changed from “crime committed” to “crime in progress.”

In addition to this very beneficial benefit feature, your smartphone app or on our website, you can utilize the option to direct MyTrueMiles, to email your local police department; and as a result: our technology informs the police that your vehicle has been taken, and provides a description of the vehicle as well as your contact information; then, it gives them our firm’s website to login and use the password – so they can track your vehicle online in real time– just as you are doing– at the same time; then all police cars in the area can be immediately given the description, location, direction and speed of your vehicle.

Recovery of your vehicle should be only minutes away!

You may be thinking well what’s the difference between our MyTrueMiles technolgy and the other systems?  Those other systems use antiquated radio technology — that is asleep until you wake it up,  however, MyTrueMiles’ protection technology is always ready!