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GPS Protection System

MyTrueMiles Protection Technology: The 21st Century Solution to Vehicle Theft

Smart thieves will know not to steal a car protected by GPS technology. And if your vehicle is stolen, youʼll get it back in minutes rather than hours or days using decades-old radio technology.

When it comes to protecting your vehicle… MyTrueMiles never rests.

  • You surround your vehicle with a GPS-based “geo-fence”. You activate the “geo-fence” in just seconds using either the MyTrueMiles smartphone app. your If your vehicle is moved beyond the boundaries of the geo-fence, you’ll receive a text or email alert.
  • If your vehicle is stolen, you can track your vehicle using the smartphone app or the MyTrueMiles website. Youʼll see your vehicle’s location, speed, and direction in real time on a map. If you want to report this to the police, you quickly approve an affidavit that allows the police access to your account.
  • You are able to provide law enforcement with the address, speed, and direction of your vehicle. This changes the theft’s legal status from “crime committed” to “crime in progress”.
  • Using the smartphone app or website, you can optionally direct MyTrueMiles to email your local police department.
    • Informs them that your vehicle has been taken, and provides a description of the vehicle as well as your contact information.
    • Gives them our website the Login and Password, so they can track your vehicle online in real time just as you are doing.
  • All police cars in the area can be immediately given the description, location, direction and speed of your vehicle.
  • Antiquated radio technology is asleep until you wake it up… but MyTrueMiles Protection never rests!