The Real Cost of Car Theft

//The Real Cost of Car Theft
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The Cost of Car Theft

When Your Car Is Stolen, Your Life Is Turned Upside Down.

Aside from losing one of your most valuable possessions, you most likely will incur considerable expenses:

  • You’ll have to pay your insurance deductible
  • Insurance claims are going to result in increased insurance premiums
  • You will probably need to rent a car until you get your vehicle back
  • There may be valuables in your car that you will have to replace if stolen or damaged
  • You will miss time off work for police reports and court time for prosecution
  • And if your vehicle cannot be recovered, it will cost you for an extended rental and additional time off work to find a new vehicle

And we didn’t even touch on the stress factors of dealing with a theft, working with police, filing reports, and juggling your work and personal life on top of it all.

Speedy Recovery is Critical

Dealing with a stolen vehicle is costly in terms of time, money and emotional stress. That is why getting your vehicle back quickly is so important. When a vehicle is recovered within hours it really makes a difference in terms of cost and convenience.

A speedy recovery means:

  • Recovered in hours, not days
  • Thieves don’t have time to dismantle the vehicle and sell it for parts. You may even be able to drive away with your vehicle in tact.
  • Less damage = less repair costs
  • Lower repair costs = less cost to the insurance company, which will reflect in your premiums. Or you may not even need to submit a claim.
  • Less time off work dealing with reports, insurance claims, rentals, etc.

By recovering your car quickly with MyTrueMiles, you can avoid the stress, expense and loss of time usually associated with a vehicle theft.

Also, when you purchase a MyTrueMiles protection system, you may even be able to save on insurance premiums. Most states offer discounts for vehicles equipped with anti-theft devices.