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GPS Tracking Software designed for the Automobile industry

With over 32,000+ Users and counting, MyTrueMiles is the most complete and trusted GPS tracking software on the market

2G Sunset Ready

Our GPS devices can work in both 2G & 3G signals, across both CDMA and GSM networks

2G & 3G Ready

We accommodate all current signals, if you have any other special needs don’t hesitate to contact us at 1-800-434-1101

Largest Network Coverage

Our GPS devices work anywhere in the continental U.S., Canada and Mexico across multiple networks.

You need worldwide?

Our coverage extends internationally as well. Contact us for you specific needs and we’re sure we can help you expand your coverage.

No Hidden Charges

You pay only for the hardware and the term of service you need. There are no additional airtime charges to worry about.

You can cancel anytime

You can set your own terms, and cancel anytime. Give us a try, you have nothing to lose.
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GPS Tracking Software for BHPH Auto Dealers

Assurance That Your Dealer Financed Loans Will Be Paid

BHPH (Buy Here Pay Here) dealers trust MyTrueMiles’ easy to use GPS tracking solution, and the reliability of our GPS devices. MyTrueMiles helps BHPH dealers reduce the risk of loan default, and gain assurance that their dealer financed loans will be paid.

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GPS Tracking Solution for Franchise Auto Dealers

Payment Reminder Collect From MyTruMiles

Included with MyTrueMiles is a payment reminder system that will send an audible signal to customers when their account is overdue. This signal will continue until the overdue payment is received. Through the life of their loan, this will be repeated each time the account is overdue. Customers will be “encouraged” to remain current to avoid the reoccurring alert. With MyTrueMiles you will be able to increase your customer pool to include at-risk customers with fewer concerns regarding payment.

MyTrueMiles helps Franchise Auto Dealers minimize the negative impacts associated with delinquent accounts by not only having real-time gps tracking of their vehicles by also encouraging their customers to keep their accounts in good standing.

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GPS Tracking Software for Rental Car Agencies

Find Your Missing or Overdue Rentals

MyTrueMiles offers Car rental agencies the ability to track and locate their vehicles in real-time with greater speed and accuracy. MyTrueMiles’ GPS tracking software allows companies to find missing, overdue rentals and stolen vehicles with a click of a button.

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GPS Tracking Software for Commercial Fleet

Thousands of Vehicles in Multiple Locations

Companies that own a commercial fleet of vehicles benefit form MyTrueMiles’ reliable gps tracking software with 24/7 online access, customized alerts, geo-fencing features, and a wide selection of devices designed for any vehicle.

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Get Started!

MyTrueMiles (MTM) understands how valuable your assets are, we’d love to demonstrate how our services can help you manage your vehicles, track them, view gas, mileage and export reports. Just give us a few minutes and we’re sure that we can help your business not only improve, but thrive.