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MyTrueMiles Is The Best Tool To Assure Your Customers

With over 32,000+ Users and counting, MyTrueMiles is the most complete and trusted Odometer tracking tool on the market.

For Dealerships

Assurance that your dealer financed loans will be paid

MyTrueMiles Dealerships

If your dealership finances your own deals, nothing’s more important that making sure you’re getting paid regularly and on time. That’s why you’re going to want to know all about Payment Reminder Collect from MyTrueMiles.

For Finance Companies

Keep your cash flow coming in!

Payment Reminder Collect From MyTruMiles

A payment reminder system that will send an audible signal to customers when their account is overdue. This signal will continue until the overdue payment is received

MyTrueMiles Mobile

Download your Membership Smartphone App and you will be able to track your vehicle wherever you go.

Stay Connected In – Or Away from Your Vehicle.

Fusion Builder includes dozens of shortcodes loaded with options, giving you perfect freedom.

For BHPH Dealerships

Assurance That Your Dealer Financed Loans Will Be Paid

As a dealership financing your own loans, you recognize the importance of getting paid in a timely manner. But how can an anti-theft system make sure that customers honor their loan obligations? Most can’t but MyTrueMiles can.

What makes the MyTrueMiles protection system stand out from the rest is that it’s focused on both the customer and the vendor. If you’re dealing with a customer who isn’t current with their payments, our systems come equipped with an automatic payment reminder that will produce an audible alert every thirty seconds until you receive the overdue payment. If that hasn’t persuaded your customer to remit their overdue payment, our location monitoring will locate their vehicle. Once located our state of the art starter interruption device will permit you to disable the starter in a safe and easy manner.

While most customers fully honor their financial obligations, every business has customers that don’t. With the MyTrueMiles protection system, those customers will be motivated to make their loan payments and remain current on their account.

Payment Reminder Collect Solution

  • ONLINE VEHICLE LOCATOR: Log onto a secure website to instantly view the vehicle’s current location, speed and direction.
  • STARTER DISABLE: Once located, you can quickly and safely interrupt the vehicle starter, making recovery that much easier and quicker.
  • STARTER ENABLE: Once recovered, you can quickly and easily re-enable the vehicle starter.
  • PAYMENT REMINDER: In the event a payment is not received as agreed you can send a payment reminder to the vehicle sounding a buzzer.
  • ONE ACCOUNT: One account lets you keep track of and manage all of your Payment Reminder Collect equipped vehicles. Add and delete vehicles on your account easily. All features are controlled by you on our user friendly website.
  • LOW COST OF ENTRY: Once installed and activated, you’ll get 150 events per year to use as you need them.
  • NO HIDDEN AIRTIME CHARGES: You pay only for the hardware and the term of service you need. There are no additional airtime charges to worry about.
  • NO CONTRACT REQUIRED: There is no long-term commitment required. You determine the length of time you need the vehicle to be protected.
  • COVERAGE: Our GPS technology lets you track your vehicles anywhere in the U.S., Canada or Mexico. Access Payment Reminder Collect features 24/7/365 on any Internet-capable computer.
  • EASY INSTALLATION: The Payment Reminder Collect Transceiver can be installed in less than 30-minutes and is easily concealed.
  • Join the growing number of new-car dealers nationwide who are taking advantge of advanced payment solutions from MyTrueMiles Systems.