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MyTrueMiles Is The Best Tool To Assure Your Customers

With over 32,000+ Users and counting, MyTrueMiles is the most complete and trusted Odometer tracking tool on the market.

For Rental Car Agencies

Renting out your assets such as cars, trucks, ATV’s and watercraft can be a very profitable business.  It does have some pit falls there are many risks also associated with doing this type of a business.  Rental agencies find themselves in need of a system that can monitor their assets in case of theft and or accidents.  A GPS tracking solution is essential and vital to the success of your business. So ask yourself the following questions:

  • What are your companies current provisions when protecting your rental assets that are either in storage or being rented out?
  • How does your company currently manage and monitor the location of rental assets?
  • Are your rental assets managed by regions?
  • Have your rental assets ever been damaged, stolen or unable to be recovered?


When renting your assets to customers it can prove to be a very risky business.  Assets can often be damaged, Assets can be used outside of your underlining areas which are governed by your existing contracts or insurance coverage’s, vehicles can be stolen with no way for your company to retrieve your property.  A GPS tracking solution for rental agencies  is a great way to ensure and protect the safe return of your assets.  With a GPS tracking system assets will be tracked when stolen, Vehicle damage at specified locations can determined based on tracking data received which will allow you to quickly alert your renters that you are leaving a designated region or entering into a restricted area.

MyTrueMiles GPS Solution

With a MyTrueMiles (MTM) GPS Tracking system, you can add specific assets into our system and included specific information about your renter such as renter name, address, phone number and additional contact information required.  Our system software has many features which will allow for your company to keep a tight control on your assets.  Your company can also set geographical entrance points as to know when a vehicle enters and exits a specific location.

How Our System Will Benefit Your Company

Asset rental agencies need to keep track of their assets.  If they don’t they will lose their assets either by misplacing inventory or the theft of the asset.  Installing a MyTrueMiles GPS tracking device in each rental asset will provide quick recovery of the asset.  Our tracking solution can also be used as a lot management tool which will assist with the location of vehicles on your rental lot.  Also our system can monitor battery levels on your vehicles.  Our MTM110C device will easily track your vehicles and protect your investments.  You will rest easy knowing your assets are protected by a My True Miles system. Your management staff will have all the tools to correctly manage your fleet.  Managers will be able to set points of interests such as geofences that will alert your staff that a vehicle is entering or exiting a restricted area which is not allowed under there rental contract.  MyTrueMiles Devices can be configured to remotely shut off asset as to make it easily recovered and to limit the renters damage to the asset.

We Specialize in Exact Location-Based Services

MyTrueMiles is a industry leader in location-based services we are committed to supporting our clients with our high level software technology and customized services and solutions we can offer our clients.

We understand the needs of our clients, We empower our clients with the software tools needed to make there businesses a success.  We are based in Henderson, Nevada, we provide global tracking services both nationally and internationally. Our software and tracking devices have been used worldwide.

MyTrueMiles primarily concentrates on providing solutions in the following areas:

  • In-House asset tracking solution (BHPH)
  • Rental Asset tracking software
  • Fleet Tracking Solutions
  • Lot Management / Security (New Auto Franchise Dealers)

Why Choose MyTrueMiles
We are a global software solution based company that is committed to supporting our clients with solutions that make sense for there businesses.

We offer a state-of-the-art software platform and high performance hardware devices to monitor your assets anywhere in the world.

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MyTrueMiles (MTM) understands how valuable your assets are, we’d love to demonstrate how our services can help you manage your vehicles, track them, view gas, mileage and export reports. Just give us a few minutes and we’re sure that we can help your business not only improve, but thrive.