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MyTrueMiles: Offers the Motorcycle and Watercraft   GPS Tracker

With over  32,000+ Users and counting, MTM is the most complete and trusted GPS supplier on the market.

MTM120H Motorcycle and Watercraft Tracker

MTM120H  is 3G HSPA GSM, 2G compatible GPS Wireless Modem with an internal battery, and is in a water resistant (IP-65) case. It reports location information via TCP, UDP or SMS with configurable intervals. MTM120H has 3 inputs which can be used to detect sensors and 2 outputs. It also has a UART to connect an external device for sending or receiving ASCII characters or other data.

The technology offers the ability to create Geofences and send you an alarm when the devices has exited the predefined geo area. It reports speed thresholds, stores up to 1000 messages if out of coverage.

The MTM 120H has a powerful power saving mode, which sleeps when inactive and wakes up in movement.

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Users of the MTM120H

Our tracking GPS MTM120H unit is ideal for law enforcement personnel, private investigators, tow companies, repossession agencies, boat dealers, title loan companies, fleet owners, leasing companies, or anyone needing to track motorcycle or watercrafts.

The device itself is designed for optimal concealment, enabling investigators to covertly monitor a target’s activity day and night without having to input additional man hours and costly surveillance techniques.  Application easily accessed from iPhone IOS or Android smartphones which is web based and your desktops as well.

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Then MTM120H: The Ultimate Motorcycle and Watercraft GPS Tracking Device

This is how the  amazing MTM120H  beats the competition!


  • Real-time GPS positioning, tracking and monitoring.
  • Remote intelligent control for iPhone and Android smartphones.
  • GSM quad-band network worldwide.
  • Strong magnet and easily installation.
  • Uses Google Maps or Baidu Maps.
  • GeoFence alerts you to when device has been moved into or out of your custom GeoFence perimeter.
  • Tracking history lets you watch archived tracking of device on your phone for up to 90 days.
  • Device allows you to track from different phones.
  • Device allows you to customize interval time of location pings to your desire.
  • Device allows you to customize interval time of location pings to your desire.
  • Battery can last up to 18 months on longest interval tracking.
  • Weatherproof device does not allow water or condensation into charging outlet or SIM card outlet with tight fitting gaskets.
  • The device can easily be placed in less than ten seconds.


  • Track boats, jetski, motorcycles and track the miles driven.
  • Covertly track your target without utilizing  timely resources.
  • Skip tracing.
  • Businesses can hide device in inventory if concerned with stolen merchandise.
  • Owners of can be alerted if vehicles leave a perimeter.
  • Law enforcement can easily track suspects, criminals, parolees, probationers and persons of interest.
  • Boat and RV owners can be alerted if their property is stolen.
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  • Dimensions: 89mm *47mm *21mm
  • Weight: 58 grams
  • Input voltage range: 6-36VDC
  • Input voltage range: 6-36VDC
  • Power Consumption:

    Active mode 70mA @12VDC

    Sleep mode < 6mA @12VDC

  • Operation temperature: -30℃ to 80℃
  • Operation temperature: -30℃ to 80℃