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MyTrueMiles: Offers the ORION-6  GPS

With over  32,000+ Users and counting, MTM is the most complete and trusted GPS supplier on the market.

Orion 6  Wireless and Water Resistant GPS Tracking System

Orion 6  is a portable CDMA GPS Wireless Modem .  It has an internal battery, a panic button, and is in a water resistant (IP-65) case. It reports location information via TCP, UDP or SMS with configurable intervals. It is rechargeable & re-programmable by USB 2.0 or by Over-The-Air (OTA).

It’s software works on iphones, tablets and desktops.

The latest technology for covert tracking is the Orion 6.  The device comes preloaded with a 1 year SIM card activation with no monthly airtime or data fees. It’s included in the annual plan.

The Orion 6 battery that can last up to btwn 9 to 14 days depending on usage.  It also allows you to track every 2 minutes when looking for the asset in which the device is placed.

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Users of the Orion 6

Our covert tracking GPS Orion 6 unit is ideal for law enforcement personnel, private investigators, tow companies, repossession agencies, auto dealers, elderly parents, and even your children. It monitors Starts and Stops of all vehicles and tracks every 2 minutes. It even has an emergency SOS button to notify your main office or email contact of a distress situation.

The device itself is designed for optimal concealment, enabling investigators to covertly monitor a target’s activity day and night without having to input additional man hours and costly surveillance techniques.  Application easily accessed from our MTM Dealer link located on the menu of this site

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The Original Orion 6: With Emergency SOS

The Original Orion 6  with Start and Stops of all vehicles and tracks every 2 minutes!


  • Real-time GPS positioning, tracking and monitoring.
  • Modem and GPS in one
  • Create a Geofence
  • Internal Battery
  • Movement Threshold
  • Track Mileage
  • 3-Axis Accelerometer
  • Storing Message
  • Low Voltage Detection
  • Power Saving Mode
  • GPIO and UART
  • OTA (Over-the-Air)


  • Track company cars/trucks and track the miles driven.
  • Track your teen drivers to monitor location, speeds, routes, stops and starts.
  • Protect young children by throwing device in backpack or toybag.
  • Covertly track your target without utilizing  timely resources.
  • Track your elderly to know they’re safe.
  • Repo companies can relocate car if not able to tow after initial locating of vehicle.
  • Skip tracing.
  • Businesses can hide device in inventory if concerned with stolen merchandise.
  • Owners of expensive cars can be alerted if car or truck leaves perimeter.
  • Heavy equipment owners or lessors can track equipment if stolen.
  • Law enforcement can easily track suspects, criminals, parolees, probationers and persons of interest.
  • Boat and RV owners can be alerted if their property is stolen.
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  • Dimensions: 74mm x42mm x20mm
  • Weight: 70 grams
  • Input voltage range: 3.3-4.5VDC
  • Power Consumption:
    Active mode: 85mA @3.8VDC
    Sleep mode: < 8mA 3.8VDC
    Deep Sleep mode:
  • Operation temperature: -25℃ to 65℃
  • Storage temperature: -40℃ to 85℃
  • Quad Band: CDMA /GPRS 900/1800/850/1900MHz