In the world of GPS Tracking systems and companies My True Miles stands alone at the top when it comes to our Heartbeat monitor. Most of our competitors give to their customers a heartbeat every 25 to 49 hours for their customers. You may ask what is a heartbeat? A heartbeat is an automatic locate that happens to indicate that your vehicle has been located and is online with the cellular network. At My True Miles we have listened to our customers concerns and we have implemented a first in the industry a heartbeat for our customers every 4 hours. You may ask why such a tight control on your vehicles, to our customers we say we have listened to your concerns and now with the implementation of vehicle locations that notify our clients every 4 hours they will not have a customer easily leaving their particular state, most systems on the market you would not have a notification before your customers have already entered 4 to 5 states and are miles away and far from your reach. Our system will help keep your repossessions cost to a minimal amount.