MTM Tracking Offers a Full Range of Cellular Connectivity

November 5, 2018 BHPH

Verizon 3G CDMA Network Shutdown Notice

CDMA Network Activation Retirement

Verizon Wireless is retiring its CDMA (3G) network at the end of 2019. As a result, we are no longer allowing activation of CDMA-only devices, including CDMA-only basic phones and smartphones, or 4G LTE smartphones that do not support HD Voice service.

Current users of CDMA-only devices or 4G LTE voice-capable devices that do not support HD Voice service can continue to use their current devices until we retire our CDMA network, or can change devices as follows:

  • Users of CDMA-only devices can only change to other CDMA-only devices or to 4G LTE devices that support HD Voice.
  • Users of 4G LTE smartphones that do not support HD Voice can only change to other 4G LTE smartphones that do not support HD Voice or 4G LTE HD Voice devices.

The following types of devices can no longer be activated:

  • CDMA (3G)-only devices, including 3G basic phones and 3G smartphones
  • 4G LTE smartphones that do not support HD Voice
  • Apple® iPhone® 5s or prior

Here is a link to the notice from Verizon Verizon 3G CDMA Network Shutdown Notice

Turning down legacy networks is nothing new. Last year AT&T stopped offering GSM-based 2G network services.

February 21, 2017

MTM Tracking Offers a Full Range of Cellular Connectivity Options for BHPH Customers

Some of our MTM’s competitors have been releasing information to their customers that is misinformed and subsequently very misleading.  The executive team of MTM and Positioning Universal Tracking has in depth relationships in the cellular wireless business, of over 30 years working with Wireless Carriers, and we are pleased to clear up any misconceptions that have been circling around the community.

It is being falsely claimed by some competitors “Verizon CDMA networks are being shut down by 2019, and companies offering CDMA technology must now scramble to add an LTE based offering”.  Verizon Wireless has guaranteed their customers that their network will be available for devices operating using CDMA 1xRTT (3G) technology until at least January 1, 2022.   The confusion may be caused by Verizon announcing that no additional CDMA devices may be added to their network after January 1, 2019.  It will be only LTE (4G) and 4G devices that can be added for 2019 and onward.

MTM Tracking will continue to offer the widest range of options to their customers.  Our company has continued to offer GSM, CDMA and now LTE technology to our customers.  We believe in allowing our customers to choose the best technology to meet their needs.

With the noticeable 2G GSM shutdowns beginning to occur this past week, on schedule, by AT&T the overall coverage for that technology in USA has somewhat diminished by some percentage.  Some customers will be affected and others not – we advise customers to use their judgment regarding deployment of GSM based devices.  The Dealers know their local coverage and customers the best.

Anyone familiar with the ongoing battle between Wireless Carriers for best wireless coverage will recognize that LTE is the Carriers focus and coverage is excellent.  LTE has been deployed in USA, first by Verizon, since 2010, and the network is well built out.  It is going to be the backbone of their offering for several decades.

LTE 4G Technology offers far superior performance to prior technologies.  Most notably, from a BHPH perspective, this technology has much lower power consumption and has the latest, more sensitive GPS technology included in the offering.  These are big advantages for devices used in automotive and other battery-powered applications.

MTM and Positioning Universal Tracking are committed to providing the most choice for our customers, and also providing the best and most in-depth information, resulting in our customers best success.


*User understands and agrees that products manufactured and or sold by MTM require the use of communication networks provided by third parties over which MTM has no control. User agrees that MTM will not be held responsible for the quality of service provided by these third parties. Failure by these third parties to provide satisfactory service shall not be grounds to seek any legal action or refund from MTM.

**MY True miles LLC. is not responsible for wireless commands that are or were not received and wireless command service and/or delivery is not guaranteed. There are several reasons why a command may not be received. A few examples are: the receiver’s power supply is not connected to an adequate source; the receiver is out of the wireless coverage area, weather conditions, radio interference, etc.