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GPS Tracking Solutions For Franchise Auto Dealers


The Industry’s First Live Mileage Service Retention Plan

Watch your service retention numbers skyrocket! The program allows dealerships to utilize the industry’s first real-time solution to reach their customers with automated marketing campaigns based off of actual, not projected mileage. Image providing service offers tied directly to the manufacturers’ service recommendations. Think of how much time this will save your dealership by automating your marketing. Now image how many RO’s it will generate.

Sales & Service Retention Program

In an Industry 1st, Dealers can now initiate automated marketing campaigns based off of the LIVE MILEAGE on customers vehicle ’s over a 1-5 year period in a non-intrusive way. Creating an ecosystem for Sales & Service.

Automated Inventory Managment

MTM offers Dealers a one-click, Inventory Management Software with Mobile Apps. It helps streamline daily sales & operations by allowing team members to access real-time lot information

F&I Profit Center

Creates a profit center for the Dealership by offering its prospective buyers an all-inclusive mobile app with real-time vehicle location & health information, stolen vehicle recovery, a VIP Rewards Program & more

Consumer Applications

allows the device to recognize when a vehicle is turned off which triggers the device to go into sleep mode, which will significantly reduce the possibility of the device causing any vehicle battery issue.

Key Features

DMS Integration


Avg. 65-95% Pen Rate

Value Proposition

Fixed-Ops Marketing

Equity Mining Tool

On-time Offers Finally

Push Notifications

Dealer Discounts

One-Click Scheduling

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