Some of our MTM’s competitors have been releasing information to their customers that is misinformed and subsequently very misleading.  The executive team of MTM and Positioning Universal Tracking has in-depth relationships in the cellular wireless business, of over 30 years working with Wireless Carriers, and we are pleased to clear up any misconceptions that have been circling around the community.

GPS Software – Setup Group video

Watch a demo video of our My True Miles Tracking Platform which enables lot owners to locate and recover their vehicles with live, real-time tracking, and provides stop verification, enabling them to determine potential locations for their vehicles. Alerts will flag owners, making them aware of events of interest.

Within our system “Groups” can be used to manage access to vehicles and alerts more effectively, and for selective sharing of access to alerts and other information with specific users.

Please note, you can quickly see the specified vehicles or zones for a group in the dashboard or the map by clicking on the buttons in the table row for each group.

You can also specify multiple groups for viewing by using the check boxes and clicking the buttons at the top of the grid. This feature is usually used by our large fleets and finance company’s where they have specific personnel watching specific vehicles.

GPS Software – Dashboard

Our application dashboard provides real-time graphs and detailed vehicle data suited to tighter control and accurate measurements of vehicle activity. We provide a fully interactive Dashboard for our clients that can be fully customized visually to the specific features that are points of interests of our clients. For instance our platform can display all the movement of a vehicle with starts and stops, we provide vehicle identification information, we provide vehicle mileage tracking including vehicle plate number identification and also the ability to add specific notes to our dashboard on your vehicle being located.

GPS Software – Heartbeats

In the world of GPS Tracking systems and companies My True Miles stands alone at the top when it comes to our Heartbeat monitor. Most of our competitors give to their customers a heartbeat every 25 to 49 hours for their customers. You may ask what is a heartbeat? A heartbeat is an automatic locate that happens to indicate that your vehicle has been located and is online with the cellular network. At My True Miles we have listened to our customers concerns and we have implemented a first in the industry a heartbeat for our customers every 4 hours. You may ask why such a tight control on your vehicles, to our customers we say we have listened to your concerns and now with the implementation of vehicle locations that notify our clients every 4 hours they will not have a customer easily leaving their particular state, most systems on the market you would not have a notification before your customers have already entered 4 to 5 states and are miles away and far from your reach. Our system will help keep your repossessions cost to a minimal amount.

GPS Software – Maintenance video

Within our system Maintenance Alerts are used to give alerts when a vehicle travels a certain distance.These alerts can be used to signal the need for oil changes or other vehicle maintenance.

When an alert is created an interval is specified. Every time the vehicle travels the distance specified in the interval an alert is created.

The grid showing the alerts also shows the distance till the next alert for each vehicle.

GPS Software – Dashboard and Map street view video

The dashboard contains a list of your vehicles and has interactive graphs as to show vehicle status; choose one or more vehicles to view on the map. Click on the vehicle to view additional information such as address, status (moving or stopped) and time stopped. The visual on the map can be in Satellite Google Earth view or Street View. We are the first telecommunications GPS company to offer a totally interactive dashboard that is constantly updating data on the locations of your fleets.

GPS Software – Alert video

Within our system there are many different types of alerts our clients can setup as to protect their assets and help them manage their fleets accurately. Our clients can add these alerts very easy through our alert management control, to list a few that are available; low battery, maintenance thresholds, Power disconnect, geo-fence zones, impound lot notification, country exit notification just to list a few. the vehicle from being further damaged it can also be used if you have a vehicle in your portfolio that your customer has not made a payment and you are needing to recover the vehicle. We can also provide a device that can send a ringing buzzer in the vehicle letting your customer know that their payment is coming up and they should make a payment soon.


*User understands and agrees that products manufactured and or sold by MTM require the use of communication networks provided by third parties over which MTM has no control. User agrees that MTM will not be held responsible for the quality of service provided by these third parties. Failure by these third parties to provide satisfactory service shall not be grounds to seek any legal action or refund from MTM.

**MY True miles LLC. is not responsible for wireless commands that are or were not received and wireless command service and/or delivery is not guaranteed. There are several reasons why a command may not be received. A few examples are: the receiver’s power supply is not connected to an adequate source; the receiver is out of the wireless coverage area, weather conditions, radio interference, etc.