Industry’s First 4G LTE GPS Tracking and Vehicle Recovery Product

September 6, 2016 0Trucking

My True Miles Tracking /Positioning Universal Announces Industry’s First 4G LTE GPS Tracking and Vehicle Recovery Product Designed Exclusively for the Auto Finance Market

My True Miles / Positioning Universal, a leading end-to-end GPS tracking and asset management solutions company, is once again blazing a trail with the vehicle tracking industry announcing the upcoming release of their new 4G LTE GPS tracker. Domenick Chiapparelli, President & CEO of My True Miles Tracking and Mark Wells President & CEO of Positioning Universal (Hardware Manufacture), commented, “this brand new device, certified for Verizon 4G LTE networks, offers an unparalleled feature set that has resulted in a product that is sure to be a game changer in the vehicle tracking industry. MY True Miles Tracking / Positioning Universal are proud to be the first in our industry offering a GPS tracker using best-in-class 4G LTE technology.”

The new tracking device is scheduled for limited release in October 2016 and for full availability later in Q4 2016, in the US market.

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